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Welcome to the ARC Roofing Contractors NJ website, conveniently designed for our customers to contact us for their roofing needs. Your home is probably the biggest financial investment you will ever make. In fact, it is important to make sure that when repairs or improvements are made to your roof, they are done to the highest professional standards.

This is not only desirable to protect your financial investment in the property but also a good idea should any future problems arise in terms of possible insurance claims. ARC Roofing provides affordable and professional roofing services throughout New Jersey. We are licensed, established and experienced. Nevertheless, we are the contractors you want to hire for your next roofing project.

Our Roofing Contractor NJ Services We've got you covered; literally.

Residential Roofing

ARC Roofing specializes in residential roofing to provide roof repairs for homeowners in the Garden State area. We will protect your NJ home.

Commercial Roofing

No roofing project is too big over here at ARC Roofing. We can accommodate several types of commercial roofs for our larger clients.

Roof Repair

Roof repair in NJ is a necessity with the type of weather we receive. If you have leaks, missing shingles, or rusty metal, give ARC Roofing a call.

Roof Installation

Roof installation is the type of job best left up to the professionals. From removing the old roof to installing the new one, we’ll take care of it!

Coating & Re-Coats

Our roof coating and re-coating services are seamless. ARC ensures that our roof coating can solve any roof leak on any type of roofing material.

Types of Roofs

There are many different types of roof materials, sizes, and even shapes. Don’t worry. our roofing specialists will take care of it!

Why Choose ARC Roofing Contractors NJ? Here are reasons why you should let us handle your roofing job.

Most states require roofing contractors to have a license. In particular, the New Jersey Department for professional regulation or the state licensing board will provide the confirmation you require. Obviously, if a contractor doesn’t have the right credentials it is better to seek one that does. ARC Roofing is licensed and certified to complete any roofing job in New Jersey.
Many fly-by-night operations will operate with nothing more than a basic website, a mobile phone, and a garage shed to store equipment. Of course, a contractor that has a physical headquarters and a few years history at that address is a far safer option. Whereas a nomadic trader who’s ability is likely to be questionable. In short, any business that has been resident at the same address is likely to still be there because of regular clientele due to delivering quality work. At ARC roofing, we have been working on roofs for decades and are established in NJ.
It may not always be necessarily true but an experienced craftsman is usually better than a novice or newcomer. However, the roofing and siding business has changed dramatically in recent years in terms of the materials and techniques used. ARC Roofing NJ has the right experience with the right sort of materials that for your roof, gutters or sidings. Contact us today for a quote!

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